Flavors & Pricing

Pick a flavor, pick a design. Prices are based upon the choice of design.

Pick a flavor

Available flavor combinations are:

yellow cake and vanilla frosting
funfetti cake and vanilla frosting
chocolate cake and chocolate frosting

red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting
carrot cake and cream cheese frosting
spice cake and vanilla frosting

brownies only (no frosting)

Available Designs & Pricing:

Colors to choose from: red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, green, black, white, milk chocolate, mint chocolate and dark chocolate.

Single Color
$2.00 per pop
Minimum order of 24 pops per cake flavor per color.

$2.50 per pop
Minimum order of 24 pops per cake flavor per color.

$2.50 per pop.  Minimum order of 24 pops per flavor per color.Sprinkles/Nuts
$2.50 per pop.*

Minimum order of 24 pops per cake flavor per color.

holidaySpecial Occasion Wedding Pops
$5.00 per pop.*

Minimum Order of 24 Bride/Groom combination per cake flavor, or 24 wedding cakes per cake flavor. Requires advance notice to allow time for production.

Other cake flavors and designs may be available upon request. Please email info@qtsweets.com with special requests and/or pricing questions.

Cake pops are custom made to order. Please allow a minimum of 14 days advance notice to allow for planning and production of single color/stripes/sprinkles/nuts cake pops. Special occasion pops require a minimum of 30 days advance notice for planning and production. Each cake pop is individually wrapped in a cellophane treat bag and tied with a silver twistie tie. Display boards are not included with any orders.

Each order is subject to the baker’s availability. Your order is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email from QT Sweets. Orders of 72+ cake pops require a 50% deposit upon confirmation of order. Currently, cake pops are only available for pick-up or delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area. Delivery fee varies by area.

*Prices are subject to change.