How it all started.

This is the story of how QT Sweets came to be. Before she became an attorney, Quyen had to go to law school. And during the last year of law school, Quyen became the master of procrastination. She would do anything to put off studying, including watching tv, cleaning, doing laundry and of course, baking. Quyen would always start out with a recipe, and then experiment with ingredients the next time around. Her baking adventures started out with cookies, then cupcakes followed. The latest craze – cake pops.

Quyen made her first batch of cake pops in October 2010, a month before the results of the California Bar Exam would be issued. It was an agonizing four months waiting period from the time one took the California bar exam and when the results would be posted. So, Quyen did what she loved most to distract her from thinking about the results – bake. She is a fan of many baking blogs, including¬†Bakerella¬†where Quyen learned about cake pops and how to make them. Her first goal – cake pops for a friend’s birthday.

The picture shown here is the very first batch of cake pops that Quyen made. As you can see, there has been much improvement since then. Quyen’s first experience with candy melts did not go as smoothly as expected. She had a lot of difficulty getting the correct consistency, which looked really simple according to Bakerella’s instructions. Always the perfectionist, Quyen thought her first batch could look a lot better, even though everyone else assured her they looked amazing.

After much trial and error, and experimenting with different mediums of candy coating, Quyen finally figured out how to handle candy melts. With the discovery of how a Kitchen-Aid mixer can cut the production time in half, Quyen has streamlined the process while improving on her creative designs. After much encouragement, planning and web design assistance (thanks Helen!), QT Sweets is finally here. This is Quyen’s baby, and she hopes each person will enjoy eating the cake pops as much as Quyen enjoys making each cake pop with TLC. QT Sweets!