Fiesta Time

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Someone was turning the big 5-0 and it was a Fiesta themed birthday party. After Googling for ideas, I came up with a set of six designs for the fiesta themed cake pops: margaritas, sombreros, Mexican flag colors, maracas, chili peppers, and sprinkled covered (to represent a pinata). The maracas and sombreros took the most time because it had so many minute details, but I just love how these fiesta cake pops turned out.

The margarita glasses has a sugar rim plus a lime jelly half. If there were no kids at the party, I would have suggested spiking the cake batter with tequila.

The sombreros consisted of a chocolate cake bottom with a Rolo on top.

The chili pepper had a lime tic tac for a stem.

All the other details were hand drawn on with different colored candy melts.

Fiesta fiesta!