Florals And Stripes

The Bride and Groom first tasted my cake pops at an LA wedding I catered two years ago, and had been craving the cake pops ever since. I was so honored they wanted to have my cake pops at their wedding too, but they were getting married in Massachusetts and my QT Sweets operations are 3,000 miles in the other direction.

This was my first very large order that I agreed to attempt to shipping to the East Coast. It was also during June so I was terrified of the cake pops being half melted upon arrival. That would not have been good for the couple who were relying on these cake pops as their wedding favors! ¬†Fortunately, with enough packaging and overnight shipping, these cake pops arrived in time and mostly intact for the wedding. It’s a good thing I added several dozen extras just in case.

Getting to the actual designs, the Bride gave me her wedding theme colors and we worked together to come up with four different designs: pink with pink swirls and a sugar rose; white with silver sprinkle swirls; silver with white sprinkle swirls; and white with hand drawn gray and pink flowers. The flavors included chocolate, strawberry, red velvet and lemon. The Bride and Groom loved the cake pops, and that’s all that really matters!