75th Birthday Surprise

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Quyen has moved around a lot. She was born in Vietnam, spent her childhood in Kansas, completed high school and college in Boston, moved to San Francisco to work, went back to the Mid-West for law school, continued onto DC for her masters, then back to San Francisco to finally call it home. A few years after she first started living in San Francisco, she befriended a family who she eventually called her “West Coast Family” (Quyen’s family is still back East). So when her West Coast Father was turning 75 years old, Quyen was more than happy to make cake pops for the surprise party (the surprise was busted prior to the actual party, but that’s a story for another day).

For this celebration, there were butter yellow cake with vanilla frosting and covered in green with rainbow jimmies, and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and decorated in white candy coating with chocolate stripes. A new creation was also debuted: brownies with orange cream flavor candy coating and sprinkles. The kiddies could not keep their hands from grabbing a cake pop, and neither could the adults!

This was also the weekend that Quyen decided to officially launch QT Sweets. It’s been great so far! ¬†Thanks for the all the love and support!