Cherry Blossoms

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Cherry blossom pops* for a baby girl shower! Christina ordered cake pops for her best friend’s baby shower, and she wanted QT Sweets to come up with something to match the cherry blossom theme of the party. After googling images for inspiration, Quyen was able to replicate these mini cherry blossoms, which are so unbelievably cute! The chosen flavor was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and all cake pops were covered in white. Half were decorated with simple pink stripes, and the other half had the mini cherry blossoms design. To make the cherry blossom design, Quyen painted on the (chocolate) branches and individual pink petals. Detailed artwork takes a lot of time, but it’s always gratifying to know so many others appreciate the little details. And Quyen still can’t get over how adorable these pops turned out.


Quyen did an amazing job on the Cherry Blossom themed cake pops for my best friend’s baby shower. Not only did Quyen complete the order on somewhat short notice, but packed the pops for me to carry on my flight to SoCal. The pops arrived completely intact and delicious. Everyone was impressed with the detailed work and the yummy-ness of the pop, especially the mom-to-be! Highly recommend Quyen for creativity and the great communication for this project.

-Christina W., San Francisco, CA (06.16.13)


*Cherry blossom pops are $3 per pop, minimum 24 pops per order.