Birthday Birthday

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QT Sweet’s very first “official” order were for two dozen red velvet cake pops with a combination of sprinkles and stripes. The baker was free to choose the colors, and so yellow and blue it was. If you look real closely, there were a couple of green pops too.

Quyen also broke the news of launching QT Sweets to her full time employer (the firm) by bringing in some specialty cake pops. These were funfetti cake with vanilla frosting, and covered in pink raspberry sherbet coating. One of the best comments of the day was: “OMG these taste like Captain Crunch cereal!”


A friend’s birthday party was coming up and I was tired of bringing the same old bottle of wine or cake – enter Quyen’s beautiful, tasty, and unique cake pops! The entire party oohed and ahhed – the bouquet of cake pops were a pretty centerpiece, a fun addition to the party and most important, they were heaven in a bite!

-Judy L., San Francisco, CA (06.10.13)