Father’s Day Pops

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Father’s Day was a special day of cake pops for two very special fathers!

The first batch of pops were requested by a sister who wanted to surprise her brother (a father of two) with some goodness on a stick. She wanted yellow cake covered in chocolate, and decorated in sprinkles and nuts, specifically peanuts: “He LOVES peanuts!” The family went on a camping trip and the cake pops were a hit with everyone.

The second batch of pops for Pops were made of spice cake with vanilla frosting. When asked what design he wanted on the cake pops, Brian left it up to the baker’s choice “as long as there is no pink or orange.” After looking through her collection of candy melts, Quyen decided to make it festive with red and teal, doing a combination of sprinkles and stripes in alternating colors.

QT Sweets is happy to hear the cake pops were a hit with both fathers and their families!


Quyen’s cake pops were the hit of our Father’s Day celebration…they are amazingly moist, flavorful, and beautifully decorated.  They are the perfect way to have a bit of dessert, though they were so good, none of us could stop at just one!

-Brian C., San Francisco, CA (06.17.13)