Birthday Surprise

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Quyen was becoming quite popular for bringing her cake pops to every birthday celebration, whether for coworkers or for friends.  Here, this colorful display of cake pops consisted of spice cake, chocolate cake and good old yellow cake.  For the chocolate lovers, the spice cake was covered in milk chocolate coating and topped with nuts or swirls of rainbow colored sprinkles.  To show the range of available colors, chocolate-cake pops were covered in a different color of candy coating (colors are vanilla flavored, and chocolate is obviously chocolate flavored).  Similarly, the remaining yellow-cake pops were all coated in white vanilla and simply decorated with different colored criss-cross stripes.  The cake pops were beautifully displayed on a three tier stand.  Guests quickly grabbed the cake pops off the stands to take a bite of these cake-on-a-stick!


I’m usually not a big fan of cake pops as they are usually too sweet and heavy for my taste, but Quyen’s cake pops are hands down AMAZING! The candy coating has a light crunch, and the insides had a soft, fluffy texture to it with a touch of butter cream. Yums! In addition, Quyen has an eye for detail, as every one is beautifully hand made. Kudos to Quyen’s cake pops!

-Natalie W., Fremont, CA