Chevron and Stripes

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I am always doing something new with each request for cake pops. The latest batches included chevron stripes, hot pink color, and stripes with pearls. The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how to make hot pink color. After mixing together different amounts of pink and red, I think this is as close as I could get to “hot pink.” Whatever the color, the cake pops will always be yummy in your tummy!


I have used QT Sweets for 2 events so far, and each time I have received a ton of praise with how fantastic these pops are, from the presentation to taste. Quyen from QT Sweets is AMAZING. She uses her expertise to customize for themed events.

These cake pops are by far the best I’ve had, and my experience working with Quyen is by far the best service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend QT Sweets for any event from birthdays to showers to weddings. QT Sweets’ cake pops satisfy everything from dessert to favors to decor.

Let Quyen help you look like a professional party planner! Seriously, don’t shop around, just contact Quyen at QT Sweets.”

-Erika O., San Carlos (03.17.2015)