My Best Friend’s Wedding

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These wedding pops were debuted in August 2012 as bridal shower favors for one of Quyen’s best friends (from college).  The wedding took place in Bermuda, and you bet Quyen packed up all 60 bride/groom/wedding cake pops as her carry-on luggage to make sure these favors made it to beautiful Bermuda.  The bride-to-be wanted chocolate cake grooms and yellow-cake brides.  Quyen threw in red-velvet wedding cakes to make it more festive.

This past April (2013), another best friend (from childhood) got married and Quyen gifted the newlyweds with wedding cake pops as their wedding favors.  Again, Quyen packed up 160 bride and groom pops into her carry-on luggage to make sure her friend had beautiful favors for her wedding at the Lyman Estate.  The chosen flavors were yellow-cake grooms and red-velvet brides.  In addition to complimenting Quyen on her touching Maid of Honor toast to the newlyweds, the guests were amazed by the deliciously addictive cake pops.


As delicious as they are beautiful: The bride and groom cake pops are so beautiful!!  Shouldn’t they be put under glass and admired, not eaten? But, go on. The first bite is so hesitant – don’t want to damage the delicate necklace on the bride pop and the tiny bow and buttons on the groom pop. But once you get that first taste…gone! They are so tasty, very moist and sweet. Fortunately, Quyen will make more!!!

-Sarah C. and Chris G., Washington D.C.